Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Before selecting Carpet Cleaning Company for your office or home, it is vital to understand the various methods of carpet cleaning used be different companies because all the methods may not work for your carpet.

Below are the types of carpet cleaning methods offered by different professional companies:

Cleaning by Hot Water Extraction

In this method high pressured hot water has been used to agitate the carpet fiber and to dissolve dirt in the carpet. Hot water exaction method involves application of cleaning agent on carpet followed by brushing and rinsing.

Shampoo Carpet Cleaning.

Disadvantage of shampoo carpet cleaning is that it leaves behind high amount of wet foam residues in the carpet and consumes a lot of time for drying. This method requires no rinsing after shampooing and hence, the surface could become sticky. click here for more information.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Foam Encapsulation Method

In foam encapsulation method, the synthetic form of detergent is used and it will crystallize into the powder form after the surface dries. The dirt is loosened and the dust particles in the carpet can be easily brushed off or vacuumed after the drying of foam. Foam encapsulation method is environment friendly technique as it leaves less chemical residue, but this cleaning method has not been able to clean heavily soiling carpet due to limitation of technology

Bonnet Cleaning Method

Bonnet cleaning is more popular for hotels carpets cleaning because it can give quick solution of cleaning carpet in public area that need carpet to be cleaned in less moisture and can dry quickly. Bonneting may cause accumulation of chemical residue in the carpet because it does not clean carpet deeply. This process mainly involves cleaning the top part of carpet. for more information , visit :

Dry carpet cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning is one of the latest methods coming in the market. Because of its effective cleaning performance, this method has gained increasing popularity. This method is very convenient as it does not require drying time and recommended for commercial offices, that need to operate 24 hours 7 days.